Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi there some advice please to slice or not to slice!

Hi there I am nearing my birthday and will get some money to spend. I am considering buying a Slice machine as it is small and I like the cartridges that come with it. Can anyone recommend it? I don't really want to splash out on a cricut as the cartridges are more expensive and the craft robo just looks like too much flaff. Any advice warmly received. Hugs Pascale x


Clarky J said...

Hi Pascale - My mum bought the slice in the early summer and loves it! She has got 3 cartridges now and got the bag to hold it in for Christmas - We already had the big shot and dies but mum finds the slice so easy to use she much prefers it. Hope that helps x Janet

joey said...

eeek wish I could help hun but I have no idea, when is your Birthday???xxx

SweetnCrafty Gal said...

Hiya hunni, i had a slice as an early christmas pressie! well worth it hun, and buy the pink one if you can as you get two carts with it instead of just the one, you never need buy a punch again, also the new pink one has the mirror (flip) and emboss and shadow effects on the designs!

i absolutly love mine and use it all the time! p.s keep an eye out on ebay for design cards!! they're cheaper than the shop!

also dont buy the mmslice 12x12 glass you don't need it! waste of money as they only cut up to 4"!
but if you did decide to buy it buy the xcut glass matt 12x12 one its £10 cheaper and does the same thing and it comes in pink!

Tip - the glue, only use the tinyest amount it comes out the tube very quickly i recommend once you've used that dont buy it again but buy repositional spray glue (the one you can remove) cheaper and does exactly the same!

need any more advice give me a shout!
hugs carlyann xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Sorry I can't help you Pascale!
Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!
kim x