Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What a lovely day I had with friends !!!!!!!

Hello firstly thank you all for the lovely congratulations commments I loved reading each and everyone.
What a week got a new flat and met two of my bestest blogging buddies. Had a fantastic time Lorraine and Joey and Sydney!!!! Only thing missing was scoopy! We met in Covent Garden this morning and Lorraine took us to a shop near Leicester square that sells packs of Promarkers for £4.50. It also sells singles so I got some warm greys. My daughter got her first pack of Promarkers and two pinks for flesh tones.
We then caught a bite to eat and a coffee and we went to Trafalgar Square for a sneek peek at the plinth. I got a lovely card made by Joey and written by Sydney with the most beautifully coloured in imagex
Only one person missing from the photo and that is Georgina who is taking the photo with my phone. Oh and Ray and Amy as they turned up later.


Erin said...

Glad you ad a super day out Pascale!
Great pic!
Erin x

Lorraine A said...

fabulous photo :-) Georgina is a born photographer !! :-)

Didn't we have a fabulous time ,,, :-) it was lovely to meet you and joey and all the children :-)

hope it won't be too long before we get together again :-)

lols x x x x

Biscuitlid said...

wgat a fab way to spend the day.

You all look fantastic by the way!


helen said...

you all look like you had a great time and that was a bargain price for the pm's
helen x

Jason's Blog said...

Oh this is so wonderful!! I wish I could have been there with you lovely ladies! It sounds like you gals had a perfect meeting ;)

Dawn said...

Great photo... sounds like the perfect day -