Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Justice where is it in Britain these days!

Hi everyone, I am in a fowl mood!!! Justice has disappeared in Britain!!! I have been waiting 12 years for a home and I am now 5th for my desired flat and someone who has just gone onto the list in March is fifth too! How does that work? I am not going into it as it will make me say and do things that God would not want me too do. I am fuming though believe you and me.
On a lighter note Rica found my mojo under her stairs and sent it back to me, so I made this card yesterday. I have only just found time to post it. I made it for the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge . The challenge was to make an extra special card for your Mum!


Kimmi said...

Hi Pascale

Great flowers, love the one at the back and the beads you've added, give it that extra something! Great card!


joey said...

Hi Pascale hunny, gorgeous card, love the big bloom and fab colour choice. Thanks for joining us this week.

Hun I so share your frustration over the housing it does make me seethe, they have it entirely the wrong way round and those who do everything by the book and wait and wait will only continue to do so. xxx

helen said...

totally agree with ya hon,dont let it get you down cos he moves in mysterious ways and i'm a great believer that things always happen for a reason and that there could be something better just around the corner don't let it get you down hon, faaby card loving the beadwork
helen x

Kim Piggott said...

Pascale so sorry that you are having such a frustrating time with the housing situation! I will keep everything crossed for you.
Love your beautiful card!
Gorgeous colours and such a fabulous design!
kim x

Riet said...

What a gorgeous card Pascale,l love the colour.

Hugs Riet.x

Carly said...

Hi Pascale, I am so sorry to hear about your housing trouble. I will send out positive thoughts that it works out for you soon.
Lovely card!

Lorraine A said...

Hi Pascale :-) fabby card I love the big funky flowers !!
As for the housing have you thought of heading on down to the authority with your kids and staging a 'sit in' !! Tell the kids just to shout and make as much noise as they like :-)) lol Seriously tho it must be extremely frustrating :-(

Lorraine x x

Crafting Joanne said...

Hi Pascale

Gorgeous card, those flowers are stunning, love the sentiment, perfect.
Thank you for playing along with the Stamptacular challenge and good luck!!

I can fully imagine how frustrated and annoyed you must be feeling. My brother and his family went on the list 10 years ago, when they were expecting their first child a girl, they privately rented a one bed flat then a two bed house, they then had a second child which was a boy, my niece and nephew had to share a room, and each time they reached the suppossed age that a brother and sister could no longer share a room, the age limit increased. Last year they had to leave their two bed rented property as work needed to be done on the property and 10 years on the list appeared to mean nothing at all, and they were still way down the list. Thankfully eventually they were offered a house after a lot of distress and meetings. The system really makes you angry.

Joanne x

Paula said...

Your card is just gorgeous, love the shimmer your flowers have. I'm sorry to hear about your housing problem's! Remember when one door closes another one opens... I'll be sending you good "flat" vibes :) Thanks for joining us this week at the Stamptacular Sunday Challenge!

Donna said...

Love the flowers Pascale, you've certainly spent a lot of time making them and they are gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your housing problem. It is a terrible system they run for it, it defintiely needs changing. Wishing you good luck at finding a new flat.
thanks for playing this week at SSC.

Liza said...

Gorgeous card Pascale, I love the big flowers and the beads on the brown one. Thanks for joining us at SSC.

Liza x

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Pascale,

What a cute card! I love your color choice and the beading is such an extra BONUS! It looks great...and I never would have thought to do that!

I'm sorry that it seems your system just isn't quite fair! I would be extremely furious and not too sure if I could bite my tongue as you are! Good luck!

Thanks for playing along with us this week at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge! Hope you'll join us again soon for some more challenge fun!


Sprytebyrd said...

Love the flowers! Great card!
Thanks so much for joining us at SSC this week! Hope to see you next week - Good Luck!
--x Dee

Nikki Schmaltz said...

Great Card. I love the added cool. Thanks for joining in our challenge each week:)

Janneke said...

Cute card ;)

Thanks for joining us at SSC

Janneke X

Lilsweetpea said...

Your card is so pretty! You did an excellent job with this challenge. Thanks for playing along and we hope to see you again next week! ~:0)

Line said...

Such a great card! Love those big flowers!
Hope things with your flat will be sorted, I do understand your frustration.
Thanks for joining us at SSC this week!

Hugs, Line

Dawn said...


Sorry to hear about the housing situation - I know our council here are the same people hopping up lists like there is no tomorrow - hope you get a move soon..

Gorgeous card too - lovin' the flowers