Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Award how lucky am I- Thank you Sue!

Sue gave me this award she is so lovely and has a fantastic blog so go over and have a look. She has the best sense of humour!
In case you don't know the rules, here they are: 1) link back to the person who gave it to you; 2) put the picture/award on your blog; 3) you can nominate anyone and as many as you choose; 4) leave a fact that no one knows about you; and 5) leave a comment on the blog that gave you this award.
I won a Blue Peter Badge when I was eight and a certificate for writing a storyline for Grange Hill (Just say No story )
I would like to pass this to all my followers as they make my day just knowing that they are there. I get inspiration from all of you and it would be hard for me to choose a few. I would feel like i had left someone out.


helen said...

congrats on the award honey so well deserved ....flipping heck hon that was one of the best storylines that i remember from grange hill well done !! how clever are you !!!
helen x

Lorraine A said...

:) Congratulations on your award Pascale :-)

( shh don't tell anyone but I got a badge too lol :-))

Pascale said...

I didn't write the storyline I wrote an episode and was runner up, Sorry my grammer makes it sound like I wrote the whole story line!