Sunday, March 22, 2009

A poignant mothers day!

I have received this award from two of my lovely blogging friends Joey and Sue , who I hope to meet up with in September as I can't meet them in April. I am passing it right back to these two and Lorraine A , Kim and all my followers. I love all the comments you leave on my blog each and everyone makes my day! I have had a lovely day, i got flowers, body shop goodies, and a lovely pizza by the river with a large glass of red wine!!! I am feeling a little sad as where we park the car is outside Jade's mum's block of flats as we were walking back to the car it dawned on me, not only have the boys lost their mum on mothers day, a mother has lost her daughter and a grandmother her grandaughter, how will they ever be able to enjoy mothers day again. My youngest daughter was born on mothers day and it was so joyous and so I can only imagine how they will view this day with pain. A new light is in heaven peace be with you JADE! I hope that her family will find some peace in the fact she will save millions of lives in the future through her raising awareness of this awful disease. My mum collapsed when I was 3 weeks old with womb cancer and she really thought she was going to die, I was raised until I was 9 months old by another family. I still have my mum she is 67 and strong.


Kim Piggott said...

Congratulations on receiving this award Pascale!
Thank you so much for thinking of me you are so lovely. How funny that I have passed this back to you too!
kim x

Lorraine A said...

Aww thanks Pascale and I give this right back to you darlin :-)
I think the whole world is thinking about Jade and her family today :-(

Sue said...

Glad you had good day hun, i struggle with it so done nowt im afraid, sat in garden read me