Thursday, March 05, 2009

A bit of advice needed!

I am contemplating Copics and was just wondering where to get them at a good price? Are they better than promarkers or the same quality? If anyone has any advice I will be very grateful. I may be back with a card later not the one I wanted to show as I am awaiting the lace did not arrive with the postman grrrrrr. I will try to get another done. My youngest is 4 tomorrow so I am preping for that in fact I had better go and wrap the pressies. C U all later hugs Pascale :)


Clarky J said...

Hello! I have promarkers because thats what my local art shop stocks. I understand they work in exactly the same way as copics but the copic range is bigger with more colour choice. I plan to buy some copics too to extend my colour range. Hope that helps x

joey said...

Happy birthday to your baby tomoz

I have promarkers and a few copic ciaos. I love the promarkers they are more cost effective for me, but I do like the ciaos too, I didnt at first, but they give good coverage. the main difference for me between these two is the promarker has a harder nib, and the copic ciao a brush, the brush gets into the tiny bits on images better.I blend better with the promarkers, but i think thats just down to each person. the ciaos are not the same as the sketch ones. maybe try a couple of each then decide before you spend out.

Lorraine A said...

Well, I don't have any ,,,, yet !! But have been researching alot and have decided to invest in copics, my daughter, Amy, has used them at art class and her teacher, who is a fantastic artist, uses them. Amy has used my marvy le plumes and says these copics are SOOOO much better !!I have ordered them from cult pens, they're the cheapest I found, I also ordered some prisma pencils from the US cos Sue says they're fab and I found them really cheeap on !!

hope this helps :-)