Monday, February 02, 2009

Fun in the snow!!!

Here we are having a fun time in the snow! Honestly. I am smiling!!!!

There are no hills (well not that we could get too) in London so had to improvise

Wish i could get out and play!

Next target!!!

Mummy is always calling us angels


joey said...

hehe, they look like that had great fun hun, thanks for sharing.xx

AliMayes said...

You certainly have had a bit more snow than us but some people are enjoying it even if your grin is a bit faked!!!
Ali xx

Kim Dellow said...

Oh they are fab - looks like you had fun :) Hope you are all warm now. Kim

Lorraine A said...

ha ha , it does look as though you re all having fun :-) I love snow as long as you don't have to drive to work in it at 6am !! I remember those days well !!
You're welcome to come in Sue's suitcase anytime :-)

Sue said...

Oh brill pics hun you havin a ball, got lots more snow than me, mines nearly all gone now, mind i did run round the carpark in me jims at 6.10am b4 anyone else got on it!!! PMSL. Case all packed hun plenty room for you.Imagine Lorraines face if fronted up 2moro!!! LOL,sue.xx

Dawn said...

Aww What Fun!!!
But I'ms still glad we don't have any!!!