Saturday, August 30, 2008

flower embellishment

I have made this flower embellishment using the following:

baby wipes
glimmer mists
PVA glue
I sprayed the baby wipe with glimmer mist and let it dry. It becomes like handmade paper and looks lovely. It also has a quality of felt about it when you colourise it.
I then used my darning needle to thread ribbon through the biggest button. I did this 3 times in different directions. I double tied it and cut the ends. After this I added another button using the PVA glue. I threaded wool onto this button before putting it on top of the larger button.
I drew petal shapes in a circular pattern using the cutter as a template. I cut out the flower shape and turned it over. Then I stuck the big button embellished with ribbon on top.

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Dawn said...

Great idea - very resourceful..