Sunday, May 20, 2012

Felt Dragon

Hello I have been locked in my room creating this dragon for my 4 year old son for the last two days. I created the pattern from some inspiration I found online and some other creatures I had created. It has been a learning curve but all for the right reasons. I has fun making it and learned lots of techniques whilst in the process.

I used some orange and red felt and cut out all the appropriate bits. I then stitched together the relevant pieces using blanket stitch. I added some stuffing and I added some stitched detail to the face.
I hope you like him as much as I do. I went for cute over ferocious. More Pete's Dragon (a favourite film of mine).
I would love to know what you think and please look out for more of my creations using felt I am really inspired to use  my sewing needle now xxx
Thanks for stopping by today I really appreciate your time and comments. I hope you are inspired too. Hugs Pascale


Joey said...

Awww I bet he loves this! great choice of colours for him, think I would have gone with cute too. Joey x

Julie said...

FAbulous!!! Your son is going to love it!! Juliex

Happy Days said...

But he only has three toes!!!! :( ROFL!!!!

Seriously he's fab - I did blanket stitch last weekend for the first time in about 30 years (and french knots!!!). Amazing how quickly it comes back to you.

Claire xxx