Sunday, January 16, 2011

Something other than a card... baby booties

Hi there I have branched out my love of crafting to try some knitting. I taught myself to knit with needles a while back but never really enjoyed it. I found patterns too confusing and my tension was crap. So when I saw the authentic wooden knitting boards on Create and craft I had to get one. I brought the tadpole to see if I really would enjoy it and have ordered a 28" board now. I have made two scarfs with the tadpole and these little booties for a teacher who has just had a baby girl.
Hope you are all having a great Sunday. I had to send my partner to casualty he went to the doctors twice this week with severe ear pain and they both said to just take pain relief and put olive oil in his ear. He was twitching like a drug addict on cold turkey with pain so I said to him go to casualty today. He came back it was an ear infection. I have just told him to go to bed and catch up on his sleep. So I am trying to get some DT bits and pieces completed around looking after the kids so much for the crafty Sunday I wanted LOL xxx

Not perfect but I am dead chuffed with them ...

Thanks for stopping by today I really appreciate your time and comments. I hope you are inspired too. Hugs Pascale


tiggertastic said...

wow these are excellent you are multi tallented hun,

sarah xx

angelwhispers said...

Wow what a beautiful present!! You have so many talents pascale you put me to shame! Love Chanelle xx