Wednesday, April 07, 2010

An award!!!

My gorgeous crafting friend Lil Daffodil Fiona left me this award

The sentiment is This blog is enchanting. I am supposed to pass to 12 other bloggers but as I have a grumpy two year old sitting on top of me whilst I type I have decided to let anyone who has not received it all already to grab it.

Thanks again Fiona xx

I have had a real tough day as my seven year old has been poorly and I have been washing endlessly xxx


Daniele said...

Hi Pascale hope your little one is feeling better soon had my grandson on my lap this afternoon helping me glitter.....only way I could get anything done....bless them hugs from Daniele

jo said...

Very cool!

Hope your 7 year old gets well soon. It's not fun when kids are sick!

Anne said...

Awwww Pascale, you have my sympathy! It's horrible when they're poorly. Take it easy and make sure you get some rest - both of you!!!! {{{{HUG}}}} xx