Thursday, January 07, 2010

No card just a quick hi hope you are safe and sound x

Hello I am sipping a glass of wine well I had to open a bottle to put in the Spaghetti Bolognese. So I thought I would hop on and say hi and just to say I hope everyone is safe and sound in this treacherous weather.

The kids went to school yesterday and today until 1 but the playground was only gritted today which I think was a complete joke as Health and safety and safteguarding is such a big thing these days. The forecast was for heavy snow so why did they not purchase some grit and put it down in advance.

I am waiting for my slice machine and the snow must be holding it up as it was dispatched early this week x I so cannot wait to play with this machine. I keep hoping it will come everyday. It will be my new best friend I just know it.

Well keep warm and safe and I hope to be back before the weekend with a card if my children let me go and play in my little craft space xxxxx

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Sue said...

Hello my friend
where me glass wine then!! lol I have just stuck a chilli in crock pot for 2moro, yum yum. Its been freezin all day the snow has not melted at all, hope you get ya slice soon hun let me know what you think of it?? Bet the kids been enjoying the snow, schools still shut here! Keep warm hun, sue.xx