Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jewellary for a change - And Haiti candy offer

Hello I am one tired bunny. My daughter who is 4 decided it would be fun to roll off her bed and in the process break her collar bone ,last night. I rang NHS direct and they suggested it wasn't broken as she could move her arm. I had this with her leg when she broke it. She must have a high pain threshold like me. I rang an ambulance and even the ambulance men thought it wasn't broken. Mothers instinct told me otherwise. Boy oh boy it was well and truly broken on the xray. The triage nurse and the ambulancemen both said it wasn't broken as they had pressed it and she did not scream. The doctor after 4 hours waiting felt it and said it was broken straight away. Not sure if I am explaining all this very well. Exhaustion!!!!

I made this beaded ring with swaroski crytals and seed beads this afternoon to give to my mummy as I have not had time to get her a birthday gift. I hope she likes it.

Please can you pop over to Crissy's blog as there is fab candy if you follow her candy rules and donate to Haiti. There is a link in my sidebar.


Sue said...

Hi Hun
aww your poor baby, good on you for going with your feelings hun, mummy always knows best, hope she soon on the mend.

Beautiful ring hun your mum will be proude to wear it, i would its stunning, sue,x

Lil Daffodil said...

Hi ,
This is beautiful. I love it.
Dear me Pascale, your poor daughter would be in a proper fix if you hadn't persevered. I do hope she is comfortable and heals quickly.
Fiona x

joey said...

A mothers instinct eh! I am so glad that she is ok hun, poor little love. I do hope you manage to get some rest. WOW your mum will adore this hun, its gorgeous.x

Claireabelle said...

Oh dear Pascale, hope your daughter isnt too sore!!

Fabulous ring though, would love a tutorial on making one!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh no!!! Pascale that is so awful! Your poor daughter she is so brave thank goodness you were her champion and didn't listen to others advice. You must be exhausted! I hope she is comfortable now bless her.
Your jewellery is so very beautiful!
Those colours are amazing and your design stunning!
kim x
hope you get a good rest tonight

Mandi said...

So sorry to hear about your little girlie...poor little thing
Well doen on the Mummys instinct eh!

Ring is gorjuss!!!

mandi xx

Lynda said...

What a nightmare - good job your instinct kicked in. Hope she's ok. Fabulous ring you clever girl - didn't know you were into jewellery too!

Love Lynda xxx

Danielle said...

Love the piece of jewellery Pascale, it's gorgeous!
So sorry to hear of your daughter's escapades! Ouch, a broken collar bone has gotta hurt! Hope she's feeling better soon - and that you get some much needed rest to play nurse!!
Hugs, Danielle

Juls said...

wow this is so beautiful!! you are so talented!! Hugs Juls