Saturday, March 28, 2009

No cards yet hoping to get some done later!! Heres the party pics.

A bit of peace and quiet after the bowling, they all ate really well!!!!!

I liked this one as they are laughing about who is winning. Dexter on the left won just beating Harry on the right, after getting a strike.

This one is my eldest and I love that she is crossing her fingers as she is watching the ball. In the background is Enrique and Liam.

This is my youngest daughter had to put one of her in!


Lorraine A said...

aww, what fabulous photo's Pascale :-) they rally looked like they had fun :-) I love the one of your daughter with her fingers crossed bless her, did it work ? ha ha

joey said...

Awww Pascale looks like they had a lovely time, I lve the pic of your son and his friend laughing. Joey.x