Monday, January 19, 2009

It's my Birthday!!!!

Thank you to kind and talented Joey who sent me a beautiful card!!! I will treasure it. It is made using black and a bold orange just my cuppa tea! It also has an adorable Tilda on it!!! I adore it and it made my day!

This is my birthday present from my babies and hubby! I only have a corner for crafting so this is perfect! My beautiful daughter also made me a covered washing up box and filled it with Roses. I am so lucky. I went for a meal last night at my fav restaurant with lots of friends so I have been so spoilt. I got money from my aunt and Dad and Mum is coming with some goodies in the next few days. I am also getting a sideboard but that is not until the store get a delivery. I got my bonus from work today and it was a lush box of body shop goodies!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pascale...
Happy Birthday` to you!!!!
Your cards are `gorgeous`...
Have a lovely Evening:)~X~

Dawn said...

Awww Nooo!!
I didn't know it was your birthday!!
Hope you had a great day - sounds like you have!!

Happy Birthday!!!