Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hello everyone! I have one big dilemma. We are first to view a property and I have been to have a sneaky look and I don't know what to do. I am going to do a pro's and cons list and see if things are any clearer. I have been busy with my dilemma so I have not been able to post these lovely awards until today. I have received three so I want to thank all the people who gave them to me!

Firstly the lovely Lorraine over at Lorraines Loft gave me this award! Thanks Lorraine I so appreciate the support.
Secondly lovely Sue over at scoopy's stuff very kindly awarded me the following award.

Thirdly the very lovely Sara over at SK SCRAPS gave me this award! It sums up how I feel about receiving all these fantastic awards from these fantastic ladies. I am a bit pushed for time at the moment a lot on with house situation and third child going full time nursery and a poorly baby so I want to award them to all the wonderful people who leave such wonderful encouragement on my blog it gives me so much inspiration to visit you and learn new things. So if you haven't received them already snag it!!!!

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Lorraine Robertson said...

Three well deserved awards I think...

Good luck with the house & look forward to hearing what decision you make on it.

Lorraine xxx