Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh What a night?

I had my gammon roasting in the oven with it's honey coating... potatoes on the boil.... so I was colouring in some images when suddenly all went dark! I thought it was because the electric meter had run out.... but no it was a power cut. Not the block next to us or the houses over the road but our block and 2000 other properties in the vacinity. I had to serve the dinner by candlelight to my hungry brood. Potatoes were a little hard but still could of been worse. Could of been like the christmas episode of "The Royal family". All is well 2 hours later and the leccy came back. I have been busy transforming a washing tablet box into a storage soloution.
I used glimmer mists in four shades to create the background. I then attatched them to the washing tablet box. I then coloured in Tilda's using the glimmer mists that I had used for the background and a touch of gelly roll pen. I then stamped the flowers onto the paper and added some gelly roll pen. I collaged these onto the covered box. I added some hearts and some ribbon.


Kim Piggott said...

Wow what a cool idea and I love your colours!
kim xxx

Anonymous said...

`Wow` you washing up tab bag is Fantasic!!!
Hey glad you got your leccie back and and enjoyed your tea!!!
You cant beat the `Royals` now can ya....
`Thanks` for the lovely b`day wishes to you and yours:)~X~

Dawn said...

Hiya Pascale
wow you're still on the Tildas!!
Good job your electric came back on.
Love your altered box! Great idea!